10 thoughts on “My First Videoblog!!

  1. We are going to call you ‘one take Lauren.’

    There are a lot of adults that wouldn’t have been able to record that video blog post as well as you did.

    I enjoyed watching.

  2. What a cute video :)
    You are certainly active in your Brownie troop. Sounds like a lot of fun. Keep it up.
    I am very good at reading people, and you are a sweetheart! Remember to smile :)


  3. Girl Scouts was awesome, if I do say so myself.
    Record cookie seller right here! lol.
    It’s great that you love to earn all the patches ( I like the “camping in the rain” one!) and seem so excited to bridge over to Juniors.
    Good luck with that and with booth sales, Wal-Mart is great for that!

  4. heya! u should be proud that your sister and you have avid readers all the way from singapore! you two melt my heart. =) do post a videoblog with the both of you. that would be really cool! cheers!

  5. Lauren!
    You rock. I was so glad to learn so much about Girl Scouts. I never did girl scouts, but my mom did and I was always a little jealous.

    I hope you put up some more video posts soon. :)

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